What are the world's largest machine tool manufacturers?

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DMG Mori, Amada and TRUMPF are the largest companies in the industry

This new study prepared by hpo forecasting ag sheds light on the market of machine tool manufacturers from a new perspective: The most prominent manufacturers in terms of sales worldwide are presented in a comprehensive ranking.

Learn more about how your company and peers are doing in terms of last published sales, which mergers and acquisitions are shaping the market, and how individual companies' sales have evolved since 2000.

You will receive a comprehensive Excel file that presents the largest 100 machine tool manufacturers and ranks them by sales strength. Additional analyses provide information about the geography of the machine tool manufacturers and market developments.

Only publicly available data from published annual reports and public platforms was used for this report.


The machine tool industry is a competitive market, with many companies vying for a share of the revenue. However, the top 100 companies in the industry make up a significant portion of the total revenue, with a market share of 46'857 million Euro or about 65% of the total market. The three largest machine tool manufactureres worldwide are DMG Mori, Amada and TRUMPF. DMG Mori, based in Japan and Germany, has revenues of 3.136 million euros and specializes in cutting. Amada, based in Japan, has revenues of 2.398 million euros and specializes in cutting and forming. TRUMPF, based in Germany, has revenues of 2.289 million euros and specializes in cutting, forming, and shaping process. Together, these three companies have a market share of 7.823 million euros, translating to roughly 11% of the total revenues of the machine tool market world-wide.

Regarding geography, the report shows that of the largest 100 machine tool manufacturers, Japan is strongly represented with 26 companies (including DMG Mori Company Limited in Japan), Germany with 18 companies (including DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft in Bielefeld) and the U.S. with 11 companies. China, Taiwan, and Switzerland also have many large machine tool manufacturers.

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